To who it may concern

(National and International newspapers)

The Netherlands, Loosdrecht

January 23th 2016

Subject: High Five For Life! 9 Billion Euros per year!


Dear Sir/Madame,

We hereby send you an idea, what we already have
developed, which can produce approximately nine billion Euros per year for
those in need.

Our idea enables a direct financial support worldwide,
to aid and research agencies.

In the meantime, we have tried to
get more international support for our idea.

Unfortunately we are having great
difficulty in getting the resources and support we need to set up this High
Five For Life concept. We do have to wait for a willingness to open doors,
internationally. Desired responses remains off and doors stay closed.

Only the United Nations have
reacted positively to this unique concept. In their view the High Five for Life
concept is a desirable and worthwhile idea.

The idea is quite simple:

Worldwide, about 5 million people buy an airplane ticket per day. Those
people can afford to go by plane.

Imagine, you increase the ticket price with € 5,- tax (for example First
Aid Tax) this would deliver 9 Billion Euros a year. But if every country will participate, the
amount will be more than 15 Billion a year!

See it as a global tax for improving the conditions of
the earth and her inhabitants. It is a global tax for the present and for the

Enclosed you
find more background information about this High Five for Life concept together
with copies of letters we sent to the United Nations and the European

The reason that we send you this
information is because of the fact that we would like to examine, through the
media word wide, what the general public opinion is, about this plan.

Is there public support, is there
a broad recognition for this initiative, then why do we not get any response.
This idea, which is in the interest of the entire world, could not get off the
ground, unaided.

What is your opinion about High
Five For Life?

If you are triggered by this letter, we are more than
willing to explain this further.

We hope that our idea will be received with interest.

Awaiting your reply,


Leon Becu & Wendy van Eijsden